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Galileo Search Testimonials

What Are People Saying About Us? Galileo Search Testimonials

"I place high value on the level of professionalism that I've experienced with Galileo Search. I've worked with recruiters before Galileo, but never with such success and confidence in the outcomes. In my case, you've consistently walked the fine line between getting the best deal for the employer and the candidate. I think of you guys as my agents and the phone never fails to ring."

Carla F. [Galileo Interim]

"I'd like to thank you for the time you spent in helping me land this ICP position. I am very excited about it. I just wanted to let you know that you were very professional and helpful throughout the hiring process. My recruiter was prompt with all responses that were made and overall just OUTSTANDING!! As you may know by now, I have recommended several other colleagues to you for assistance (some will be contacting you soon). Again, thank you so very much and keep up with the GOOD WORK. Thanks!"

Joelle G. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"I have been here a little over a week and am so very happy! I can’t thank you enough for all that you did to help me end up here. Your professionalism, your dedication to representing me and my interests, your constant updates and your encouragement were all very much appreciated. Should I ever need this type of service again, I will not hesitate to call!" Thanks.”

Eileen M. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"I recently worked with Galileo Search in considering a new position and would like to highly recommend the services of this professional search firm. The staff at Galileo performed professionally, and responded quickly to questions, concerns, and in negotiations toward finding the best possible solution for both myself and the organization I was considering. As the decision making process progressed, Galileo worked tirelessly in assessing both my professional wants and needs as well as making sure that my background was a true fit. I was very pleased with the outcome of the working relationship, and again, highly recommend working with Galileo Search in any efforts toward making a professional career change.”

Shari S. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"It has been 9 months since you basically enabled me to step into a new life. I have been thinking it is time to tell you what all of this has meant to me. I want to thank you for all of your help, encouragement and guidance as you lead me through the entire interview process…You were an invaluable resource during that time. I want you to know there is the warmest spot in my heart for you and to say a huge thank you for all of your hard work in helping me obtain my new job. Most gratefully and with affection,"

Sharon L. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

“The process, was almost seamless. My Galileo Recruiter called and emailed and walked me through, always giving me feedback, encouragement and representing me to the employer. He gave me feedback from other successful candidates for my first interview, telephone interviews and research he helped me get all the answers I needed to make an informed decision.
After 1 year of communication and 2 weeks of interviews, the good news came and it was like I was speaking to a family member. I could hear a smile in my Recruiter's voice the day, he called to say the Vice President would like to call you directly. I was ecstatic. I had had other experiences with search firms, but working with Galileo was a more personable experience.
I would and will recommend other professionals to Galileo Search. They really took the search and pain out of finding a new position that was truly right for me.”

Kevon P. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"Thank you again for finding a great ICP role and a terrific match for me so close to my home! I'd never have known about this splendid opportunity were it not for you. You persisted, supported, advocated, negotiated on my behalf, and coached me all along the way. I so appreciate your efforts, honesty, and prudent advice. You are so pleasant to work with. I feel like I know you. You maintained an unending optimism, professionalism, sincerity, integrity, and a great rapport with your clients! I am glad to have worked with you and hope we can still chat from time to time. I feel this new position is a wonderful opportunity! Many thanks!"

Kristi W. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"My Galileo Recruiter went out of her way several times to make sure everything ran smoothly with the whole process. I really appreciated all of her help. She is Awesome!!!"

Jamie E. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"My Galileo Recruiter was excellent to work with! She was very professional and went out of her way to keep in contact with me during the waiting process. I could not say enough positive things about Erica. It is employees like her that make an organization!"
Scott L. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

"I would like to say that working for you [Recruiter] and Galileo has been a truly joyful experience. I was hesitant to make the leap to interim, but with your guidance and support, I know I will continue recommending my peers in your direction."

Cheryl J., System Director of Risk and Patient Safety [Galileo Interim]

"After working at my hometown hospital as an Infection Preventionist for over 25 years, I was looking for a new challenge. Galileo provided me with the challenge I was looking for. I began working as an Interim Consultant with Galileo seven months ago and was placed in an ideal position which gave me the opportunity to use my skills and knowledge in order to make a difference. The staff at Galileo have gone "above and beyond" in assisting me in every way possible. Thank you Galileo Team for giving me the opportunity to add some challenge and adventure to my professional life. I look forward to future Galileo opportunities.”
Faye W. [Galileo Interim]
"Just wanted you to know that I absolutely LOVE my new position! I am very busy with traveling, developing educational programs, and just keeping up with customer requests! My direct supervisor is a great VP to work for, and the organization is truly a family providing their patients with great products, dedicated employees, and appreciation for hard work. Thank you for all the support that you gave during the hiring process. I am so grateful. Thank you.”
Susan B. [Direct-Hire Candidate]

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