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Our Process

Our Employer Advantage...

When you engage Galileo Search to recruit a direct-hire employee or to provide immediate interim coverage, you tap into a results-driven methodology and national talent network like few others.  Working together in partnership with our clients, our time-tested processes and resources are strategically leveraged to deliver exceptional search and placement outcomes.

Direct Hire Placement | Interim Staffing

Initial Call

Choose one of our areas of specialization to initiate a search for a highly qualified healthcare specialist, professional or executive: sole practitioner, staff level team member, manager, departmental director, or hospital administrator / C–Suite.

Initial Conversation

One of our experienced search or staffing experts will discuss your organization’s ideal candidate profile, core job responsibilities, and unique departmental and organizational objectives, ensuring we acquire all pertinent details.

Search Activation | Resource Deployment | Identification | Validation

Galileo Search maintains a continual-sourcing-identification-model within our areas of specialization.  What does that mean for our clients?  Once we have established your unique job criteria, employers can capitalize on a highly developed and expansive national network of specialized talent, with minimal downtime.  We systematically pre-qualify each candidate to establish their technical skills, communication and presentation abilities, leadership experience, compensation expectations, relocation or travel requirements, short and long-term career objectives. Validation procedures include professional references, education, certification, and licensure as well as other criteria that might be specific to your organization’s pre-employment requirements.

Client's Presentation

After successfully completing our initial vetting process, candidates will be presented with a current resume and a professional summary prepared exclusively for evaluation in meeting the client’s direct hire placement search or interim staffing assignment specifications.

Candidate Contact

Once a client decides which candidate(s) they’re interested in, a designated Account Manager will work with their team to coordinate phone, video or on-site interviews. We also de-brief the selected candidates after each client interaction to address their questions and facilitate a mutually substantive interview experience.

Selection | Offer Negotiations

A Galileo Account Manager works closely with our clients in the management of the offer process. This includes presentation, negotiation, and final candidate closure right through their first day on the job.

Ongoing Support

Our direct-hire placements, with a minimum of 3 - 5 years on the job, rank in the 98th percentile. Client satisfaction rates for Galileo interim staffing rank near 100%, via survey, with those clients also indicating they would choose Galileo again to fill their interim assignments.  We pride ourselves on being there before, during and after a direct hire employee or interim specialist is placed with a client.  Our goal is to deliver world-class customer service while building a long-term professional partnership, not to simply make a placement.  We have found that the placements will take care of themselves if we take care of our clients first.

Galileo Search's process for direct hire placement and interim staffing is exactly what a facility needs to build a world-class team. Galileo Search's approach is comprehensive, meticulous, and tailored to meet the unique needs of each facility they work with. They begin by carefully evaluating a facility's needs and culture to identify the ideal candidate profile for each position. They then use their extensive network, along with cutting-edge sourcing and recruiting strategies, to identify and attract the most qualified candidates for each role.

Once potential candidates have been identified, Galileo Search uses a rigorous screening and interviewing process to ensure that only the most qualified and best-fit candidates are presented to the facility. They conduct thorough background checks and assess each candidate's credentials, experience, and fit for the position and the facility's culture. This ensures that only the best candidates are considered, which leads to better long-term outcomes for the facility.

In addition to their direct hire placement services, Galileo Search also offers interim staffing solutions that enable facilities to quickly fill staffing gaps and maintain continuity of care. Their interim professionals are highly skilled and experienced, and they work collaboratively with facility teams to ensure that patient care is never compromised.

Overall, Galileo Search's process for direct hire placement and interim staffing is unparalleled in its attention to detail, commitment to quality, and focus on building world-class teams. Their approach ensures that facilities have access to the best talent available, which is critical to providing high-quality care and achieving positive patient outcomes.

For unparalleled support and services, you can depend on Galileo Search every step of the way.

We Search, Qualify & Verify. You Select.