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What If Amazon Ran Hospitals?

What if Dr. Alexa offered you the next appointment with your doctor in the Amazon Clinic? What if you could buy your prescription drugs in Amazon’s online pharmacy? What if you could get your personalized plaster cast from the 3D Printing Department? In light of the recent moves of Amazon and other tech giants in the healthcare field, we imagined what it would look like if Amazon operated an entire hospital.

Tech giants move into healthcare

Facebook, Google, and Amazon are aiming for new horizons. The playfield must be too small for them solely on the technology markets. They certainly have the capacity to move into new fields. As The Economist writes, their huge stock market valuations suggest that investors are counting on them to double or even triple in size in the next decade.

So, where do they want to utilize their power? Recent moves show they have ambitions in healthcare. Google has made steps forward in the field with CalicoHuman Longevity Inc. joined forces with Cleveland Clinic for a human genomics collaboration aimed at disease discovery and making aging a chronic condition. In September 2017, Microsoft announced the launch of its new healthcare division at its Cambridge research facility, to use its artificial intelligence software to enter the health market. Its research plans include monitoring systems that can help keep patients out of hospitals and large studies into conditions such as diabetes.

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