The Most Googled Health Concerns

The Most Googled Health Concerns Fueling Your State’s Paranoia

MedicareHealthPlans – Posted July 10, 2017

“We’ve all been there: You feel an unfamiliar pain, notice an odd bump or discoloration, or come down with a strange cough that doesn’t go away. The thought turns into worry, which leads you to Google, and down the rabbit hole you go.

Just a couple of decades ago, before heading to a doctor, you’d have to rely on your friends or family to get a sense of what was going on if you felt ill. But with the internet at our fingertips 24/7, you can now hop online and google what you’re feeling to get an instant “diagnosis.”

The problem is that sources like WebMD seem to lead you to all the worst-case scenarios. Feeling an itch? It’s a horrible STD. Got a bad headache? You’ve got cancer. Bit of a fever?

We used Google Trends data to identify the most-searched health conditions over the past year. Then we analyzed each condition’s search volume on a national level to find the conditions that were searched most by residents in each state and Washington, DC. We also looked at other data, like STD and obesity rates, to see if we could find any correlations between what people search for and the types of conditions that are common where they live.

Our results may not cure your paranoia, but they should cast some light on what your home state is most concerned about.”

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