Healthcare Quality: Certified Professionals Get Noticed and Go Further!

As a company working with the best and highly specialized healthcare professionals in the Quality, Performance Improvement, Accreditation, Compliance, Risk Management and Patient Safety arena – one of the questions we routinely hear is; “Should I become certified?” The short answer is; yes, healthcare certifications are an excellent way to stand out among your professional peers. Beyond that here are some more thoughts regarding certification.

For some people, it’s hard to think past yearly dues and tracking continuing education requirements; that said we know that the majority of our clients insist on candidates who are certified in their area of professional specialization.

Professionals, who obtain and maintain certification, show they are committed to growing with the industry; they are dedicated to remaining current in their knowledge and skills in their area of specialty. It shows a willingness to participate as an active member of the healthcare community, to maintain a high level of skill and to progress along with your colleagues who share an interested in moving the profession forward. For employers, it ensures that they are getting an employee who will continually improve their program, by applying new concepts and the latest techniques to the organizational plan.

If you’re thinking about becoming certified we recommend considering the following; they are frequently requested by our clients and held by our most successful candidates:

CPHQ: Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality
National Association for Healthcare Quality

CPHRM: Certified Professional in Healthcare Risk Management
American Hospital Association

CQM: Certified Quality Manager
ASQ: American Society for Quality

CPCO: Certified Professional Compliance Officer
AAPC: American Association of Professional Coders

CHC: Certified Healthcare Compliance
CCB: Compliance Certification Board