Ford’s Feel The View System Lets Visually Impaired People Glimpse Outside Car’s Window

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Ford is aiming to make car rides a bit more interesting for blind people and those with very limited vision. A company’s team in Italy, working with Aedo, a firm developing technologies for people with visual impairments, and GTB, a marketing agency, have developed a system they call Feel The View.

When the user presses its single button, it takes a picture of the scenery outside and converts it into a high contrast image on the glass of the passenger window using built-in LEDs. One doesn’t have to necessarily see these, but touching the glass in different parts generates vibrations that correlate to how dark or bright that spot is. Running a hand across the scene gives an overall “picture” of what it’s like outside.

The following video helps to understand how the system is used through the experience of a few blind Italians living in picturesque mountainous areas. We wonder, though, if it would simply vibrate at a constant boring frequency when driving through the corn-rich plains of Nebraska.

See the Video

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