Cost Effective Option for Information/Cyber Security for Hospitals


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer for Hospitals

Now a virtual CISO for hospitals

To help hospitals facing a dangerous combination of mounting cybersecurity threats, vulnerabilities to connected medical devices and a widening gap in the skills required to establish, implement and mature a cybersecurity program, Clearwater Compliance, a healthcare cyber risk assessment and cyber management solutions platform, has expanded its cyber capabilities to include a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO). This professional service addresses the demand and critical needs that healthcare organizations face for expertise in identifying and analyzing threats, creating strategic security plans, ensuring compliance, and securing the environment from threats and cyberattacks.

With Clearwater as a strategic partner, healthcare organizations can meet the critical need for cybersecurity competency with access to seasoned professionals who understand the complex industry of healthcare and cyber risk management. vCISO customers also have access to Clearwater’s compliance and risk management platform. These solutions alleviate the need to employ skilled talent and have been developed for organizations that do not have the experience on staff or would like to have a seasoned expert without increasing headcount.

“Large and small hospitals alike are under the same threat of a cyber-attack, and forward-thinking hospital leaders are preparing their facilities through staff training, risk monitoring and other tactics,” said Lance Lunsford, Texas Hospital Association senior vice president of marketing/communications and CEO for the organization’s subsidiary HealthShare. “With vCISO, more of our members can take advantage of Clearwater’s expertise in risk assessment and management. The Texas Hospital Association represents about 500 hospitals across the state from the largest systems to rural and critical access hospitals. We are very excited about Clearwater’s array of services and solutions that enable our smaller hospitals to pool their resources to share a vCISO across their region.”

Clearwater’s new vCISO services include:

  • Overall program leadership and advisory services
  • Information risk management program governance
  • Development of security and information risk management policy, procedures and best practices
  • Establishment of a 3rd party risk management program

“With the dearth of security and risk management professionals, especially those with healthcare experience, finding and affording a qualified CISO can be a challenge,” says Bob Chaput, CEO of Clearwater Compliance. “Our vCISO service is completely tailorable to any hospital’s compliance and cyber risk management requirements and organizational needs. What’s unique is our ability to equip customers with our award-winning IRM|Pro™, SaaS-based software. Along with other solutions, our vCISO can be either on-site or remote, full-time or part-time, whichever makes the most sense operationally and fits the customer’s budget.”

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