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Turn Job Interview Questions to Your Advantage

One of our favorite articles, when preparing for an interview. Great strategies that can make a huge difference in the interview process. Published on August 18, 2017 Gary Lam As you walk out of the interview and take the lift down, you wonder how you did in the interview, you ask yourself whether you answered their questions…

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60 Hiring Statistics You Need to Know for 2017

Summary based on posted By Jennifer Gladstone / June 1, 2017  Hiring a new employee can affect everything from company culture to company profits. So, it’s no wonder the interview process can take about a month and almost two months to give an official offer to an applicant. With more and more millennials entering the workforce and…

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The Top 15 Fascinating Hiring Statistics for 2017

Summary based on original article published February 7th, 2017 by Halden Ingwersen in Talent Management With a new year always comes new changes in the job market with regard to what recruiters are looking for and what marketable skills potential hirees can contribute to the workforce. Companies big and small can experience different demands every year and those needs come…

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Amazon has a secret health tech team called 1492

Healthcare News

Becker’s Healthcare | Julie Spitzer | July 27, 2017 “Amazon reportedly has a secret healthcare team exploring new technology opportunities in healthcare, including both hardware and software projects, according to CNBC. The experimental lab is headquartered in Seattle and named 1492, two sources familiar with the matter told CNBC. Its team of researchers is looking at ways to…

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