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The Most Googled Health Concerns Fueling Your State’s Paranoia

MedicareHealthPlans – Posted July 10, 2017 “We’ve all been there: You feel an unfamiliar pain, notice an odd bump or discoloration, or come down with a strange cough that doesn’t go away. The thought turns into worry, which leads you to Google, and down the rabbit hole you go. Just a couple of decades ago, before…

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Brain-Infecting Parasite Has Now Spread To 5 More Florida Counties

Posted on Delish: If you live in (or are taking a trip to) Florida, listen up. You have a new reason to be squeamish around rats and snails—they could be carrying a life-threatening parasite. A new study found that rat lungworm, a brain-infecting parasite, is spreading throughout the Sunshine State, according to the Huffington Post. Rat…

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